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GTA San Andreas Free Download For Android

Good news for game lovers, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has arrived on Android. It is an award winning and a legendary game of all times. GTA San Andres APK is the newer version of the famous GTA Vice City. Basically, it is an open world action and adventures game. GTA has a series of gangster games produced and developed by Rock Star games.  Here i will show you how to download and install GTA San Andreas APK for Android. Following are the ten games 0f GTA series.
  1. Year, 1997      Grand Theft Auto
  2. Year, 1999      Grand Theft Auto London 1969
  3. Year,2001       Grand Theft Auto III
  4. Year, 2002      Grand Theft Auto Vice City
  5. Year, 2004      Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
  6. Year, 2005       Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories
  7. Year, 2006       Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories
  8. Year, 2008      Grand Theft Auto IV
  9. Year, 2009      Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars
  10. Year, 2013      Grand Theft Auto The Ballad of Gay Tony
In all these games there are only three games which were released for Android, these games are GTA Vice City, GTA San Andres and the last one is GTA III. In all these three games, GTA San Andreas is most successive and most playing game, and here you will know the complete procedure of installing GTA San Andreas APK+SD Data for Android.

It is an open world game where you play as an ex-gang banger. His named is Carl who returns home after the death of his mom to get the vengeance from the people who killed her. The Game revolving around the cities and you can go everywhere in the city with the help of cars, bicycles, motorcycles and other vehicles. If you want to enjoy the game then you can give mission and after completed the mission you will award the money. You can walk in the city and can fight with the people for the money. It is a very amazing game, the graphics are very good and suits the solution of newer displays and also controls are very good and well designed for touch screen. The touch screen controls are very good and easy to control. In the game, you can buy garages, stores, bars, houses, pick up hookers and all other things that give the San Andreas unique charm.

Requirements of installing GTA San Andreas for Android:

  • Ram: 1 GB or Higher
  • CPU: Dual Core
  • Version: OS 4.0.3 and higher
  • Genre: Action
  • Arcade: Developer Rock Star Games

Features of the game GTA San Andreas Apk

  • First time in GTA series there are three main characters, you can change them anytime in playing missions or whenever you want.
  • You can found countless numbers of vehicles all around the city, drive fast and have fun. Driving these vehicles gives amazing experience in the game.
  • There are amazing graphics and visuals have never seen before in GTA Games.
  • Customizable main character, earn money from different missions and increase physical strength.
  • Rich graphics with extraordinary sound effects.
  • Good control over the game.
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Game is a top rated game and one of the most played games all over the world. People enjoying a lot while playing this game. This is the easy way to download GTA San Andreas free for Android.

Download GTA San Andreas APK and SD Data links for Android

From here you can download GTA San Andreas, first, complete go to the following link, then download and install the game.
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Game Link (GTA San Andreas for Android)

From the following link, you can easily download and install GTA San Andreas for Android with complete installation guide ⇓. 

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That’s it, friends. Now you can enjoy the evergreen all time famous game GTA San Andreas. If you have any issue while downloading, installing or playing let me tell in comments, it’s my pleasure to guide my viewer. Like and share our tutorial.
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